Growing customer value throughout the entire lifecycle.

Marketers know that a customer’s referral is the most trusted form of marketing. However, the majority of companies don’t do anything to encourage customer referrals. In the early days, referral platforms were crude, adapted from affiliate marketing and didn’t deliver the flexibility required to drive customer revenue growth as promised.

At SaaSquatch, we believe that the end customer experience always comes first. We know that friction is the enemy of conversion. We know the right reward turns a friend into a hero, not a salesperson. We understand that a customer’s journey will cross platforms, mediums and the digital / real world divide.

We recognize that your company and brand is unique.

If you share our beliefs, join us on the journey to create a larger customer footprint with referral marketing and growth automation.

Meet the team.

Will-Fraser SaaSquatch

Will Fraser

Co-Founder & CEO

Logan-Volkers SaaSquatch

Logan Volkers

Co-Founder & COO

Scott-Rusnak SaaSquatch

Scott Rusnak

Head of Global Sales

Jon-Behune SaaSquatch

Jon Behune

VP of Customer Success

Patrick-Mascall SaaSquatch

Patrick Mascall

Account Executive

Cassidy-Quaite SaaSquatch

Cassidy Quaite

Account Manager

Eric-Mason SaaSquatch

Eric Mason

Lead Senior Developer

Jorge-Conde SaaSquatch

Jorge Conde

Software Developer

Hayward-Peirce SaaSquatch

Hayward Peirce

Solutions Architect


Stephanie Thiel

Project Manager


Scott Li

Software Developer

Work at SaaSquatch.

We look for fun-loving, driven individuals with a knack for problem-solving and customer service. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

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