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Referral Programs by the Numbers

Most trusted, most likely to buy

83% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

– Nielsen 

More of your best customers

Referred customers are 18% more loyal, spend 13.2% more and have 16% higher lifetime values than non-referred customers.

– Journal of Marketing

Higher profits, lower costs

Customers who are referred are 25% more profitable and are 4-5 times more likely to refer new customers.

– Wharton  

SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution for our member-get-member efforts. Their solution, customer support and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline
Pablo Naze

Product Manager, 99

The Referral SaaSquatch platform helps us harness the power of word-of-mouth in a highly scalable and trackable way.
Pedro Magrico

Director of Marketing, Typeform

The SaaSquatch platform is user-friendly and has all the features necessary to run a referral marketing campaign. We are very satisfied with SaaSquatch’s Success Team, because they gave us very clear instructions about widget implementation, always answered our questions immediately and issues were resolved in no time.
Nika Kramžar

Head of Marketing, Chipolo

Referral SaaSquatch allowed us to implement a robust, double-sided, referral system that saved us time as we didn’t need to build or test something ourselves. Having their team jump in and help out with integration to meet a tight timeline was incredible.
Sean Washington

Lead Developer at Octopus Creative

The SaaSquatch team puts a lot of care in their interactions with their customers and are always willing to help out in a pinch to get a program up and running at the last minute. I cannot say enough good things about how the SaaSquatch team has handled our partner relationship.
Muhammad Saleem

Customer Marketing Manager at TouchBistro

Discover the referral program software for digital businesses

SaaSquatch is changing the way On-Demand Services, Subscription Services, Mobile Apps and Marketplaces acquire customers and increase lifetime value through referrals, special offers and incentives.

One Platform to Reward it All

The SaaSquatch referral and loyalty platform gives you the power to create referral and partner programs along with a wide variety of incentive based customer activation, retention and win-back programs all from one place. Specific features include:

  • Multi-program and multi-campaign functionality
  • Highly flexible program customization
  • Tiered and purchased based programs
  • User segmentation and enrollment
  • Success coaching and engineering support

Marketer Driven

SaaSquatch gives marketers the power to build, publish and analyze programs without developers. Simply install our referral program software once and endlessly optimize your referral, partner and other loyalty programs. Several key aspects are:

  • An easy-to-use visual email and widget editor
  • A library of pre-configured growth programs
  • Out of the box designs and templates
  • A complete, and embeddable, referrer portal
  • Automated reward issuing and management

Seamless, Native and Local Experiences

Customer experience (CX) is a key battle ground for marketers today. With SaaSquatch, digital businesses can run seamless referral, partner and other loyalty programs in the most complex situations. With SaaSquatch you get:

  • Native mobile app experience
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Seamless web app experience
  • Robust collection of APIs and WebHooks to build on
  • Extensible reward program structures
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Pixel Perfect, Low Friction, High Conversion

Your customers demand on-brand and low friction user experiences every time they interact with your service. Why should your growth, referral and loyalty programs be any different? Build programs with:

  • 100% style-able and brand-able widgets and emails
  • No friction enrolloment with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Consistent reward programs and balances across devices
  • Extensible reward system to reward any behavior
  • Build almost anything you can imagine with our REST API

Omni-Channel Programs, Analytics and Rewards

No matter which channel your customers engage with your referral program they deserve, and expect, the same quality and experience. The same is true for your and your marketing team. The SaaSquatch platform delivers:

  • Consistent user experience across every channel from
  • Analytics to find your best channels, members and locations
  • Single portal for support agents to assist all program members
  • Test copy, rewards, and rules with no coding or deployments
  • Identify and segment program members
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Security, Privacy and Fraud Protection

Security and privacy can be hot topics with in-house solutions, but at SaaSquatch we’ve got you covered. Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty programs safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

  • Automated program fraud detection and management
  • GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
  • Secure widgets, emails and rewards
  • Encrypted data in transit and at rest
  • Privacy and security support and coaching
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Flexible integrations with your software partners.

We partner with the world's leading CRM, Marketing Automation, Billing and Deep Linking providers so you can provide a seamless customer experience.

The SaaSquatch Difference

You may know SaaSquatch for our amazing customer service and extremely reliable systems but we also have some very special and unique parts of our platform!


Our proprietary engagement engine is the most powerful and flexible in the market. Create beautiful widgets, customize program rules and run international programs.


SaaSquatch stores your users’ information the earliest and most securely to dramatically reduce the number of missed referrals and other rewardable actions.


SaaSquatch tracks the widest variety of user behavior such as purchases, in-app actions and custom events or objects to create a complete picture of your users.


SaaSquatch’s conversion triggers let you run referral and loyalty programs that reward users for actions like app install, first purchase or completing in-app actions.


Our rewards engine allows you to automatically issue the most reward types, build custom rewards and use SaaSquatch to manage all of your incentives and rewards.

Case Studies

Typeform Case Study

Learn how Typeform takes advantage of our flexible theming engine and payment integrations to get results from their customer referral campaigns.

99 Case Study

Learn how Brazil’s leading ride-hailing service, 99, chose the SaaSquatch referral software platform to grow its user base quickly, efficiently and securely.

Teach Starter Case Study

Learn how Teach Starter, a subscription service for teachers, launched their referral program in hours and now acquires 23% of their new customers from referrals.

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