SaaS marketers build profitable referral campaigns with the Referral SaaSquatch platform.

Typeform partners with Referral SaaSquatch to power their referral marketing engine.


Find a way to generate word of mouth referrals and turn them into a consistent revenue-creating channel for a large userbase.

Typeform knew that encouraging and rewarding their users to make referrals could help grow their customer base.

Unfortunately with a large userbase it becomes a large technical challenge to automatically track and reward every referral.


Quickly deployed their customer referral program software with the Referral SaaSquatch platform. Taking advantage of our flexible customization to make the referral program match the look and feel of Typeform’s brand.


Referral SaaSquatch’s platform created 10% annual paid user growth for Typeform. The referral program continues to deliver results without the ongoing maintenance costs that come with other paid channels.

“The Referral SaaSquatch platform helps us harness the power of word-of-mouth in a highly scalable and trackable way.”
Pedro MagriçoTypeform
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Marketers Love Referral SaaSquatch
referral saasquatch customer example

“We went with Referral SaaSquatch because it’s a really beautiful product with a great UX, installation is a single line of javascript code and they automate a lot of our referral reporting.”

Taylor MingosCEO at Shoeboxed
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“Referral SaaSquatch gathers together all the essential pieces of a referral marketing strategy. Integrations, theme editing, easy reporting and great customer service make this one of the best tools on the market today.”

Casey Rovinelli Marketing Executive at Unblock-Us
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“Referral SaaSquatch’s software platform delivers a steady flow of new signups for Geckoboard.
This is the type of company I want to do business with.”

Sofia QuinteroMarketing Director at Geckoboard
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