Enterprise E-Commerce Overview

Enterprise marketing teams are rewarding customer loyalty and building profitable campaigns with Referral SaaSquatch’s referral automation suite.

Executive Summary

Our current enterprise clients are some of the largest online providers of footwear, electronic books and transportation services in the world and see the value of customer referral program software.

Executive teams come to Referral SaaSquatch wanting to take advantage of their growing customer base. Their existing customers are in love with their flagship products and are actively sharing the brand with their friends through various social media outlets.

Marketing executives want to capitalize on this positive word of mouth by designing a customer referral program to reward that social sharing and encourage more happy customers to promote their brand.

Companies achieve this by investing in Referral SaaSquatch’s technology solution that can create a scalable acquisition channel from existing customers’ positive word of mouth.

Digital retailers who employ these referral marketing programs are seeing an average of 8-10 times ROI.

Enterprise implementations across web and mobile platforms integration have many intriguing obstacles for our customer success team to work through.

By taking advantage of Referral SaaSquatch’s test environment capabilities digital teams are able to identify and address potential issues before the programs go live.

Referral SaaSquatch partners with our enterprise clients and keeps both teams in sync with weekly status updates and thorough customer install guides.

Platform integrations average a total of 3 weeks and enterprise development teams are thrilled to ship a quality end-user experience for their customers.

Marketers Love Referral SaaSquatch
referral saasquatch customer example

“We went with Referral SaaSquatch because it’s a really beautiful product with a great UX, installation is a single line of javascript code and they automate a lot of our referral reporting.”

Taylor MingosCEO at Shoeboxed
referral saasquatch customer testimonial

“Referral SaaSquatch gathers together all the essential pieces of a referral marketing strategy. Integrations, theme editing, easy reporting and great customer service make this one of the best tools on the market today.”

Casey Rovinelli Marketing Executive at Unblock-Us
referral saasquatch customer review

“Referral SaaSquatch’s software platform delivers a steady flow of new signups for Geckoboard.
This is the type of company I want to do business with.”

Sofia QuinteroMarketing Director at Geckoboard
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