What to Expect

1 – You’ll send over your final draft article to our editor Brandon Gains – brandon at saasquat.ch – Include a brief intro + links to your previous posts.

2 – We’ll reach out once your article is approved to let you know where the article fits into our editorial calendar and promotion schedule.

3 – You’ll work with the Referral SaaSquatch team to share the article with select social communities and will use targeted email outreach.

Our Mission

Develop content that educates executives on the ever-expanding world of digital marketing.

Our Audience

Growth-focused Executive with buying authority in Marketing and Product departments.

Examples of Top Posts

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Who We’re Looking For

Contributors with a track record of producing well-researched articles with a strong point of view and informal writing style that wants to provoke, inform, and entertain.


Include anecdotes, stories or examples from your experiences to make the post feel personal. We write our posts as if we’re walking alongside our reader. Also, we want you to share your expertise with us, mistakes you’ve made, things you’ve learned throughout your career and things you wish you had known earlier. The more practical your tips, techniques and ideas are, the better.


Conversational + Personal – Incorporate I’s + you’s

Strictly no academic words –  IE misappropriate, commensurate, disingenuous, individualistic


Articles should aim for 1200-1600+ words. Articles should also have spacing every 3-4 sentences to ensure easy skimming + readability

Links + Media

Incorporate links to Referral SaaSquatch’s existing blog content wherever possible. We want to see a minimum of 4 images, videos, presentations to reinforce your article’s main points. We will rel=nofollow links we don’t feel comfortable with. We also don’t include affiliate links in the body of the content. Ask to include outside links to smaller sources.


We can’t stress this enough, structure your posts to include references to studies and survey results wherever possible. Using data helps reinforce your main points and builds trust with our audience.

Author By-lines

Two to three sentences with one link-back to your company or personal site.

How to Deliver Content

Google Doc or Word Document with attached images to our editors’ email – brandon at saasquat.ch We’ll co-ordinate with you after the article is approved with our posting and promotion schedule.send us your posts