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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Referrals will teach you how to:

  • Pick highly effective rewards
  • Design engaging program interfaces
  • Promote your referral program
  • Measure and understand your results

Why are referrals so important?

Customers are at the center of everything your business does – especially when it comes to generating new business. Customer acquisition costs continue to rise, word of mouth from trusted friends and colleagues becomes a larger factor in business growth.

This is why customer referrals are such a crucial factor for growth. They leverage your existing customer base to drive revenue. Incentivizing your customers to recommend your company and making it easy for them to do so will dramatically increase your revenue.

This E-book will help you understand the details of referral marketing, who to target, what rewards to give your users in different circumstances, how to design an effective user experience, and the best promotional tactics to get the most referrals for your company.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Customer Referrals

Over the past 12 months, we have seen 23% of all new subscribers come directly from customer referrals through Saasquatch. Our team couldn't be happier.
Scott Tonges

Owner, Teach Starter

Topics Covered In This Free Book

✓ What is Referral Marketing?

✓ How to Target the Right Users

✓ Choosing the Right Rewards to Give

✓ Creating an Optimal User Experience

✓ How to Promote your Referral Program

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